Data Analytics and Insight

In a modern agency data is very important because most marketing is completed online and the consumer is more inquisitive and they investigate products and services before they commit to buying. Data is a tool with which to measure buyer interest and awareness. Data is used to determine the age group that they are appealing to, it can determine the number of hits that their online programs have to determine the popularity they hold. Data can also pick up trends and interests that consumers have when they access their information.


This man may be familiar to some, as he is the face of iselect. Iselect is a business devoted to comparing insurance, household utilities and personal finance products. Iselect relies solely on data analysis, this is because they compare every business for a customer to determine the best one based on their current situation, the current situation the economic market is in and also based on the governments policies at the time. Iselect have become a very successful business because of this, they have created a campaign that has achieved great humour and has become a well respected business. Data is so crucial to iselects success because they rely completely on data and they have to make sure that their information is up to date and 100 percent accurate. Iselect prides itself in giving customers data insights so that they can make the best decision possible based upon their options.




Our business (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2016).







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