Award Winning Campaigns

AAMI is an insurance agency and they had a very successful campaign with two characters called Rhonda and Ketut.



Rhonda and Ketut became a very popular campaign because of its light-hearted comedy and romance that made it more fun to watch. This was also due to the likeable characters that the marketing agency was able to create. The campaign did affect consumer behaviour in a sustainable ongoing way way because it was able to create a brand personality with AAMI, they were able to make it likeable for most of Australia. The characters that they created were sustainable to Australians because they wanted to see the next chapter of Rhonda and Ketut’s story. The key elements of the campaign are the likeable characters that they have created, the fact that Rhonda is an everyday woman that appeals to most of the population, its light hearted humour and also because the advertisement is very different to most everyday ads due to it being set in Bali at times giving it a light and easy holiday feel which changes the attitudes that viewers have on the advertisement.



The Rhonda and Ketut narrative: Campaign post-analysis | marketing magazine (2016) Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2016).

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