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Social media campaigning is concerned with developing an advertisement with the online community to spread it further to make a trend. this is created with the use of hash-tags and the spread of the advertisement to friends. The objectives of this advertisement were to personalise names on coke bottles to create a more meaningful connection with customers, they were able to successfully do this, they also wanted to make a hash-tag that would spread throughout the community which they used a competition to meet Ryan Seacrest. The intended audience was targeted at anyone who uses social media so that they could get involved in the Coca Cola community using the hash-tag. The advertisement proved very effective because lots of people wanted a bottle with their own name on it and Coca Cola was able to cater for that. They also were able to successfully create an online community through social media and hash-tags where people could upload themselves with their coke bottles. I would improve the advertisement by making the competition to meet and greet with a celebrity someone more popular and well recognised, this is because not everyone knows who Ryan Seacrest is and it would most definitely create more interest on social media with a popular icon.

Social Media Journal Article

The journal article points out that social media is a trending movement and is something that is here to stay, it explains that organisations are looking to market their products and services where people live which is now online. The fact that they have established that people ‘live online’ now means that most of our marketing has to take place online. This article points out that marketers know that they need to advertise online but not all of them know how to successfully do this. The article introduces a systematic way of understanding online social media. The article notes that consumers these days are not as passive in the buying process anymore because they are heavily involved in the success of an advertisement due to the fact that they are the sole drivers of the social media campaigns. The journal informs the reader on how the social media eco system needs to be upheld in order for the future of online social media advertising to be sustained. In summation the article proposes that correct marketing approaches need to be taken in order for consumers to interact with the online social media advertisement and to also uphold the future of this movement.



Star Track B2B Advertisement

Business to business advertising is the marketing of products from one business to another business which can be summed up by two organisations working together in synergy to become successful. The above link is an advertisement of the Aus Post Star Track delivery company which is a logistics and transport company, they deliver products to other companies and also individual consumers. The objectives of the advertisement were to explain to consumers and businesses that they deliver a range of products big in quantity and small with great service. The intended audience was to individual consumers who purchase products online and to big companies who rely upon logistics transporters for their inventory. The advertisement is effective because it explains how many operations it performs with quality service just for the consumer. It goes into deeper detail explaining individual products that they transport around Australia to individual people to help understand their satisfaction from the service. I would improve this advertisement by focusing more on the benefits that Star Track provides to companies rather than individual consumers. This could be done by defining the benefits Star Track offers compared similar companies such as Linfox.

B2B Advertising Journal Article

This journal article focuses on the importance of marketing brands in the media for business to business organisations. The article explains the benefits of targeting B2B organisations. It also has a focal point on how marketers must work on their branding strategies in order to successfully spread  their advertisement. The journal talks about how brand management has become an issue in the marketing world and how it needs attention so marketers can successfully present an advertisement to businesses in order for synergy to take place between these two companies. This article expresses the factors that will continue future advertising in the business to business category by stating the need for brand management to be focused on, also how marketers need to work on their branding strategies in order for business to business marketing to be continued in the future.

wwf_rhino_r_06small.jpgNot for profit advertising is created by marketers who are not interested in financial gain but more about creating consumer awareness and a drive for change by following their beliefs and goals as an organisation. The above image is taken from the World Wildlife Fund which is concerned with protecting the world’s biological diversity, decreasing pollution and waste and also making sure that renewable resources are sustained for the future generations of the world. The objectives of the above advertisement were to explain to people that rhino horn is made from the same contents of our own nails. This is to try to put the person in the rhinos situation to make them feel as if they were hunted and how they would like it. By putting the human nails on the rhino it made the objectives of the ad clear about its direction. The intended audience was aimed at rhino poachers and also the general public who need to be aware of the current wildlife events. The advertisement is effective because it depicts an unprovoked rhino in its natural habitat that doesn’t deserve to be killed. The advertisement is effective in making rhino horn unattractive to consumers by replacing them with human feet. I would improve the advertisement by making it more graphic because consumers tend to shrug it off and pay little attention to these issues, which is why if you were to place a dead rhino with its horn gone and the baby rhino by its mother side there would be a greater impact from the advertisement. It may become controversial as well but in this situation the topic needs controversy.

Not For Profit Journal Article

The not for profit journal article focuses on the legalities of conducting a not for profit organisation and the improvements that need to be made in order for a not for profit organisation to be a successful one. The journal article says that the growing importance of the not for profit sector has been acknowledged by a wide view of people. This means that the not for profit market was once not a popular market and only recently has it been gathering a lot more reach and popularity amongst the public not only in Australia but world wide. The journal article also states that not for profit organisations are compelled to give the public what they should benefit which is demanded from the not for profit organisations. This means that not for profit organisations are demanding awareness of something that is an issue in today’s society and the public deserve to know what that is. This then allows for a greater impact in not for profit movements and to create the justice that these not for profit advertisements deserve.




Global advertisements are adverts that are made to be publicised worldwide to have the most reach for their company. They are able to do this because their product/service is already globally known. The image taken above has been produced by VISA which is a global payment technology which connects peoples banks, businesses and governments which lets them use digital currency. The objectives of the advertisement were to relate having a VISA with having a good life, they also tried to make life look fun with a VISA by showing all the fun you can have if you have a VISA. the intended audience was targeted at families, people who like to travel, anyone who is tech savvy and people who pay without cash and cheques. The advertisement is effective because it catches the eye of the viewer straight away with the giant fish in the middle of the image which indicates a fun and eventful life, also they have captured how fun life can be with the right tools which in this case is a VISA. The caption ‘life takes proof, life takes VISA’ has effectively caught the attention of the reader and tied in the relation between life and having a VISA. I would improve this ad by incorporating family values into it more, by adding children and parents together having a good time can make people associate their own families and indicate a healthy lifestyle that they could have with VISA.

Global Advertisement Journal Article

The above journal article is based around global companies and how they need to make sustainable decisions in order to keep in the global market. In the article it states that global companies need to make sustainable actions that won’t impact on the ecosystems, societies and environments of the future. This means that every action that a global company makes must be carefully thought about so that they can continue to sustain their company on a global scale.  It is said in the article also that companies that take these steps in ensuring sustainability have a higher financial performance compared to those companies that don’t take these precautionary steps when working in a global environment.





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