Good versus Bad



Above is an image of what is considered a good advertisement. It is a good ad because it has a strong theme within it which is that guns should be banned in America to protect our children. the mums demand action organisation has used the banning of a game of dodgeball to highlight the ridiculousness of gun ownership and pointing out how much more dangerous guns are than a game of dodgeball. The ad has also become an eye raiser because the child is holding the gun which portrays how bad it looks with guns around our children. The creative approach is very consistent with the message they are trying to communicate This is because of the contrast between something that has been banned in America and something that hasn’t (but should be banned). The ad campaign is appropriate for the target audience because it is aimed at vote holders and families, the message is confronting but the audience that it is targeted at is suitable. The approach that they have taken has a clear and convincing message to the consumers because it clearly defines how dangerous guns are in America and how the public need to protect their children from the circulation of guns. The advertisement approach is ideal for the media environment in which it is likely to be seen because it is targeted at politics and politics is surrounded by families with children who have an opinion on gun laws and can collectively make a change to gun laws with the right persuasion.



This Dettol advertisement is an example of a bad ad, this is because of the confronting image that they have tried to convey. It basically encourages people to use their product so that they can potentially get away with murder, it focuses on the violent minded. This advertisement isn’t consistent with the message strategy because before this soap products were campaigned with the use of a comforting cleanliness and this image is on the opposite scale creating an uncomfortable feeling. The approach is not appropriate for the target audience because it is aimed at families with children, murder and violence are not appropriate themes for families. The creative approach does deliver a messaage but it is not clear due to the fact that the brand personality is not consistent with their latest advertisement. The message that they do send is that when you murder someone you should use Dettol to get away with murder. This is not an everyday situation and encourages illegal actions which are not consistent with the company’s beliefs. The advertisement is also not appropriate for the media environment because it is likely to be televised and put up on billboards for all families and children to see which is explicit an damaging to the consumers.




Action, M.D. (2013) ‘“Choose One” — little red riding hood or an assault weapon? – Moms demand action for gun sense in America’, In The News, 15 April. Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2016).







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