Pitching A New Ad

Looking back at the bad advertisement in the previous stage it was clear that it was very unattractive and uninspiring towards consumers. To improve this advertisement there are multiple things that one could change. To make it effective one could change the theme of the advertisement by associating the soap with cleanliness and families being safe due to their great hygiene. Or one could make the advertisement graphic still but from a positive perspective where a doctor is using Dettol after surgery showcasing the hospital grade cleanliness that the product achieves. This advertisement is an improvement from the previous one because it associates the soap with a positive situation of a surgeon washing their hands to keep them clean for surgery. Whereas the bad advertisement showcases a murder which is ¬†graphic and something the industry shouldn’t encourage. This improved advertisement would prove effective because it would promote good behaviour and it would create a trust within the brand, this is because of the positive environment the soap is in and what it is being used for which is to aid in a good cause which is surgeons helping people.



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